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Yeast in Florence

Divine Pizza is a pizzeria in the heart of Florence. Since 2010, we’ve been offering customers a wide variety of pizzas, all of which are strictly prepared with yeast using the long fermentation process, accompanied by incredibly fresh ingredients sourced from local producers. 

Our Pizzas

In our pizzeria, guests can sample many types of pizzas without any worry as the food is suited to all. Among the various options available, the pizza with buffalo mozzarella, organic pizza and the pizza made of buckwheat are the top favorites. Even those who are vegan or suffer from food allergies can enjoy a fantastic pizza with absolutely no worries as Roberta helps customers decide what is best for them based on their requirements and restrictions. One of our highlights is the tasting session of various types of pizzas. This is the best way to experiment with different tastes and flavors, together in a warm and friendly setting. 
Pizza margherita with basilico
Pizza on a plate on a table

Take Away Pizzeria

Customers who don’t have time for a sit-down lunch or dinner, can make use of our take-away service: it is possible to pre-order your pizza by contacting us in advance, hence reducing the wait. You can take home the passion and experience that distinguishes Divine Pizza.
Book your table by calling us on 055 2347498.

To eat a pizza that defines the Italian tradition of excellence, book your table by calling +39 (0) 55 2347498

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