Our philosophy

In Florence, "We are what we eat"!

For years, Graziano and his wife Roberta have devoted special attention to the rigorous selection of raw materials used in preparing their pizzas. Attributing to this meticulous process, Divine Pizza guarantees freshness and excellence specially handcrafted in Italy.
The couple follows the motto "we are what we eat". It is a real philosophy of life that they transmit to their customers through the food they make. In an intimate setting you will have the opportunity to taste delicious pizzas prepared with Italian wheat flour, milled by stone and made from long fermented yeast thus allowing you to rediscover ancient traditions falling by the wayside. The meat used in the the pizzas come from certified, local producers and the salt used in the pizza dough comes from Cervia only.
However, there is only one secret ingredient in the food and that is the true and profound passion shared by the owner and his wife which warms the hearts of the guests.

Our Concept of Leavening

Graziano and Roberta follow the ideology of offering their customers mouth-wateringly delicious pizzas which are also healthy and digestible. For this reason, they put the dough through a longer fermentation process, which takes a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. This type of procedure ensures a very high level of digestibility, even for those with food intolerance issues or those suffering from digestive problems. 
Pizza margherita

Come and enjoy our seasoned pizzas in Borgo Allegri 50 / R in Florence's Santa Croce

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