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The secrets of this extraordinary success:
Our award-winning pizza in Florence

In 2010, Graziano, an international award-winning pizza chef and his wife Roberta decided to open a pizzeria with the goal of offering the best pizza possible, both in terms of goodness of quality and digestibility. So, in the heart of Florence, this new venture was born, which soon became famous thanks to the experience and passion of the owner and his wife. The extraordinary success of this pizzeria has stemmed from the painstaking care taken in choosing the raw materials, all in season and from local markets, as well as the long rising dough pizza. The restaurant has 30 seats and creates a cozy and intimate environment for you to enjoy while experiencing a variety of pizzas. The credit of the warmth and home like comfort at Divine Pizza goes to the professionalism and hospitality of Roberta.


With a perfect mix of passion and experience, Divine Pizza has won several awards over the years, such as the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor and its inclusion in the 2013 Excellence in Italian Gambero Rosso guide. In 2016, the pizzeria was included in the published guide of Italian Restaurants as well.
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